My Go-To Blogs

Like I mentioned in my very first post, I read a lot of blogs. They give me the same feeling as a reading a good book does. Blogs are such incredible tools for learning all sorts of things and filling your inspiration tank. These are my go-to blogs for a few different reasons: 1) They offer basic and useful information from installing hard wood floors to business advice 2)Their photos are great 3) They write in a way that makes me feel connected to them. Like if I saw them on the street I’d simply wave and say, “Hey there Sherry! How’s the family doing? Want to grab a cup of coffee?” and she wouldn’t hesitate to say yes because we’re best friends.

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1) A Beautiful Mess: This was the first blog I ever started following and it has led me to so many others. Elsie and Emma are DIY queens. I can’t even begin to count how many projects in my house have been one of their DIY’s. They have a very unique style that makes me think out of the box when it comes my personal style in the home and in my wardrobe.

2) Young House Love: John and Sherrie have a completely different style that helps me balance between ABM’s quirky hipster vibe and basic practicality. I love their blog because they walk you through the most basic tutorials like replacing a faucet while making you feel like they are explaining this to you over dinner.

3) Oh Joy!: When I scroll through Joy Cho’s blog I feel warm and fuzzy inside. There is so much color and life in every post and although she doesn’t do as many DIY’s or how-to’s I always feel exhilarated to expand my possibilities in my home decor and wardrobe. On top of that she has an adorable daughter that she photographs a lot which makes me want my own so I can dress her like Ruby. Her writing is full of humility and loveliness. I want to be friends with her.

4) Emily Henderson: Her blog is my newest obsession. Emily Henderson is a designer, stylist, and HGTV host. Her blog focuses on home design and I LOVE IT ALL. Like Oh Joy!, Emily (we are on a first name basis now) doesn’t have many DIY’s or tutorials but she showcases her work all the time and I could spend hours gawking at all the amazing rooms she brings to life. She’s funny and feisty and I’m always sad when I get to the end of her posts because there’s no more to read.

5) Oh Happy Day: If you are looking for DIY’s off the hizzzous (not sure exactly how to spell that but you get the gist) then this is the place for you. One of my favorite things to see on a blog is free printables and this blog has a whole lotta them. This is the place I go to to find fun party decoration ideas and I’m never disappointed.

I check in on these blogs almost every day because they help keep me motivated in my own creativity. I highly recommend looking each and every one of these up. You never know what they may lead to and that’s the exciting part!

Do you have “go-to” blogs?

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