Olive’s Room

View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-olive In those first weeks of pregnancy (or the whole thing) you have to imagine every future scenario with a boy and with a girl. For me it was much easier picturing girl things because that’s what my family mainly consists of and it’s what I’ve been around. However, when it came to the baby’s room, I knew exactly what I would do for a boy and had no clue for a girl. Well what do you know, it was a girl!

I knew that I didn’t want to do any sort of “theme” for her room; I wanted something clean, bright, and simple that could easily be changed and grow with her. You all probably know by now that I am a big fan of color. No matter how hard I try to use neutral, muted tones for my spaces, because I think it can be so pretty, I can’t resist throwing bright pops of color in there! So with Olive’s room, I decided to go all out with color. The original palette I had in mind was very similar to my wedding colors which were a bit more primary and gender neutral, but it quickly morphed into something softer and girlier than I expected.
View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-oliveWhat first made me think to tweak it a little bit was the closet door that I had already painted mint green when this was the playroom. I loved the color and if we are being honest here, I didn’t feel like taking the time to repaint it.  I gradually began tweaking other colors to make it work and I am very happy with the results.
View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-olive The fabric strip curtains were originally part of the ceremony backdrop from our wedding but were also used in my baby shower. I love the sentimental value they have. View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-olive View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-olive View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-olive I of course had to do a gallery wall! I have one in almost every room in my house. I love a gallery wall because it helps to fill up a large wall but it also is a great way to display your favorite and most meaningful things. For this one I filled frames with pictures from our maternity shoot, the one of the ocean is from our trip to Europe when Olive was 9 weeks old in my belly, the yellow billy buttons are from the baby shower, and the canvas is lyrics to a song my mom would sing to us when we were little. View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-oliveView More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-oliveView More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-olive One of my favorite elements is the huge canvas my sister painted to go over the crib. I needed something big and bold to balance out what was happening on the other walls and this is just right. It also makes my heart happy that Olive will know her Auntie painted it for her. View More: http://renascentphotography.pass.us/baby-oliveI love this room for its simplicity. It’s full enough that it feels complete but yet there are still spaces that I can add things as she grows to fit more of her personality.

Crib :: Amazon
Crib Sheet :: Target
Frames :: Ikea
Floating Shelves (gallery wall) :: Target
Mirror :: Target
Gold “O” :: Hobby Lobby
Mint Clock :: Hobby Lobby
Flamingo Print :: Hobby Lobby
Lamp :: World Market
Pom Pom Garland :: Target
Book Shelves :: Ikea

Photos By: Renascent Photography


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