Our Trip to Waco

waco-32 If you follow me on Instagram, you know about the magical place that I went to this week that is the Magnolia Silos. I can still hear the music playing outside, the smells coming from the bakery, and friendly faces of everyone who works there.
Our hotel was less than five minutes from the market and I lost count of how many trips we made back and forth. We also took walks along the Brazos River, visited Harp Design Co., and ate reeeaaalllllly yummy food. waco-51 waco-50 waco-49 waco-48 waco-46 waco-45 waco-44 waco-28 waco-33Almost every morning consisted of getting to the bakery by 9:30, munch on our goodies until the Common Grounds coffee stand opened at 10:00 and we got our Cowboy Coffee (SO GOOD!), then walk through the market again. waco-42 waco-40This cupcake. The one named “Cup of Jo”. Chocolate cupcake with espresso buttercream frosting. I don’t know if I can ever eat another cupcake again because they will all be subpar to this one. waco-41 waco-39 waco-43 waco-38It was sunny and beautiful all the other days we were there but rained on the day I decided to take pictures…however it meant that we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves! waco-37 waco-35 waco-34 waco-31 waco-30 waco-29 waco-27 waco-26 waco-25 waco-24 waco-23 waco-22 waco-21 waco-20 waco-19 waco-18There was so much attention to detail, it was incredible. They didn’t skimp on anything and you can tell. Everything from the fences to the line stanchions were well thought out design-wise and super high quality.  waco-17 waco-16 waco-15 waco-14 waco-13 waco-12 waco-11 waco-10 waco-9 waco-8 waco-7 waco-6 waco-5 waco-4 waco-3That gap!! It kills me!!
She was an amazing traveler, I can’t imagine her being any better. I also left this trip feeling grateful that I have a mom who I can work with everyday AND vacation with. That says a lot. waco-2If you are wondering if it was worth it to fly 3 1/2 hours to Dallas then drive two hours to Waco with a ten month old and do it again a few days later just to go to a “store”…yes, a million times, yes. Yes.


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