Life Lately :: How Is It Already May?!

I am past the boot-wearing phase. Now that we’ve had some warmer days, I’ve broken out the sandals and I can’t go back, so if you see me out and about on a rainy, 50 degree day wearing my flip flops you now know why. I just can’t.
But summer is just around the corner, y’all! My second summer with a baby (I guess toddler technically) and I can’t wait! But before I get too caught up in backyard bbq’s, pool days, and tan lines, I wanted to share some pictures of our life from the past few months. Bend 17-6Every spring we try to make it over to Sunriver where my grandparents have a house (You can see one of our previous trips here). This year was a little bit different considering Olive could run around and enjoy all the fun stuff happening outside. We spent the weekend playing games, eating, shopping, and eating, with a LOT of rest time in between.Bend 17-10This picture slays me. That smirk, those eyes, and that peaceful look about her that exudes genuine love. I could stare at it for hoooouuurrs.Bend 17-17Bend 17-24Bend 17-12Bend 17-14Bend 17-25Bend 17-35That in her hand is an owl keychain that her daddy bought for her at the Village and she carried it with her that whole weekend. She pointed to it in the shop and with the sweetest voice looked at him and said, “baa?” which translated to english means “please”. James then looks at me and I swear he was about to melt into a puddle right then and there. I like it when he’s soft.
Bend 17-39Bend 17Bend 17-2Then it was Easter! I made the mistake of looking back at last years Easter pictures when Olive was 3 MONTHS OLD (what the heck?!)
And being almost 16 months now she was ready to hunt for easter in eggs in the back yard with us. She had a cute little basket to put eggs in but who needs a basket when you can just have your daddy follow you around and carry them for you? The girl already knows how to delegate and I have to take credit for that.  easter 17-14The dress that she wore was one I had bought while I was pregnant. We were at the Gap outlet and I saw it from across the way and I had. to. have. it.
You know I love me some polka dots.
easter 17-9easter 17-16This picture makes me really, really happy.easter 17-2Oh, and we got chickens! These are the best things that have ever happened to us. At least that’s how Olive feels. Not only do they provide lots (and lots) of delicious eggs but they are a great diversion when the 5:00 meltdowns begin. easter 17-19These lovely egg-laying beauties have been one of the things that has kickstarted a strong desire to use the space we have to grow and produce as much of our own food as we can. Our own little urban homestead, if you will. This spring I have been a machine in the backyard; tearing out flower beds (which we have a LOT to tear out), building garden boxes and compost bins, and planning, planning, planning. This is a good exercise for me in patience, discipline, and diligence but I am loving every step of it. I’m planning on doing a post about what I dream of doing with our space and go into more of the why so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!

P.S. On this day FOUR years ago James proposed to me. How has it been four years?! It’s gone so fast yet at the same time I feel like we are an old married couple who makes fun of each other all the time but never stops holding hands. I love this man. JamesSharayaProposal (9 of 66)JamesSharayaProposal (11 of 66)JamesSharayaProposal (14 of 66)Ok, now for reals, go have a happy Monday!


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