Kerry + Amber

I am behind on a blogging big time and my goal is to catch up before family shoot season this fall so be ready for lots of images on your feeds!

To start off, here are some of my favorites from Amber and Kerry’s wedding. It was a beautiful (and hot!) summer day and it was one of the most emotional and heartwarming weddings I’ve ever been a part of. They truly epitomize the idea of “love makes a family” and it was truly an honor to witness.  996A6735996A6112996A6125996A6142996A6402996A6422996A6662996A6688996A6713996A6752996A6726996A6183996A6169996A6241996A6253996A6259996A6343996A6380996A6556996A6559996A6817996A6952996A7256996A7292996A7347996A7485996A7591996A7877996A7916996A7943996A7975996A7986996A7995996A8048P1022096996A7111996A7110996A8325996A8434996A8113996A8475996A8494996A8647996A8716996A8769996A8781996A8953996A8956996A8989996A9160996A9165996A9167

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