The Strait Family

This might be one of the most genuine, kind, and selfless families I have ever had the privilege of knowing.
I gave them hardly any direction during the whole shoot and just let them be them. The hugs, kisses, belly laughs, and sweet smiles all came naturally. It was a dream!


(In case you wonder why there are six kids but only four faces are shown it’s because they have two sweet foster boys!) 996A0716996A0770996A0772996A0788996A0798996A0817996A0820996A0831996A0862996A0866996A0870996A0872996A0875996A0920996A0937996A0984996A0989996A1007996A1009996A1019996A1047996A1059996A1127996A1156-2996A1184996A1196996A1203996A1228996A1316996A1319996A1324996A1348996A1352996A1356Strait family kids996A1469996A1490996A1564996A1510996A1524


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