Senior :: Daisy

When Daisy reached out to me about doing her senior pictures, she told me her family had one special request; to do them up at Timberline Lodge. I was really excited because I had never been there before but I knew it would such a beautiful spot for pictures.

It was so fun spending the day with her and her family. They are the most wonderful people with the most amazing hearts and their family bond is something rare and special. daisy senior pictures-3daisy senior pictures-7-Editdaisy senior pictures-13daisy senior pictures-19daisy senior pictures-21daisy senior pictures-25daisy senior pictures-27daisy senior pictures-26daisy senior pictures-28daisy senior pictures-75daisy senior pictures-38daisy senior pictures-43daisy senior pictures-44daisy senior pictures-58daisy senior pictures-55daisy senior pictures-77daisy senior pictures-78daisy senior pictures-84daisy senior pictures-93daisy senior pictures-95daisy senior pictures-110daisy senior pictures-111


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