Emily + AJ | Heceta Beach

These two are a couple of our favorite people in the whole world. You’ll find them at our table or on our couch every week and it’s the best thing ever. They love our kids almost as much as we do and you couldn’t ask for more in friends.
To say I’m excited for their wedding is an understatement but what I am not excited for is them having their own apartment because then they’ll have their own table and couch. But we can probably still use our children as bribes to get them over.


Boschma Family | 2018

This was my second time getting to hang out with this family (see the first time here) and we had so much fun wandering their beautiful property in Lebanon!
Dillon was right at home with his chickens and loved showing me his trucks. The majority of the shoot was just me following him around and those are my favorite kind.

Hazel | Newborn

The other day I posted Chloe and Joel’s maternity shoot and today you get to see who was in that belly!
Sweet Hazel was born back in December (making her over seven months now) so she looks quite a bit different than she does here but is still just as dang cute.

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Chloe+Joel | Maternity

These two are a couple of my favorite people in the whole world. We church together, serve together, game night together, were pregnant together, and now we get to parent together. It really doesn’t get much better.

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Senior :: Daisy

When Daisy reached out to me about doing her senior pictures, she told me her family had one special request; to do them up at Timberline Lodge. I was really excited because I had never been there before but I knew it would such a beautiful spot for pictures.

It was so fun spending the day with her and her family. They are the most wonderful people with the most amazing hearts and their family bond is something rare and special. daisy senior pictures-3daisy senior pictures-7-Editdaisy senior pictures-13daisy senior pictures-19daisy senior pictures-21daisy senior pictures-25daisy senior pictures-27daisy senior pictures-26daisy senior pictures-28daisy senior pictures-75daisy senior pictures-38daisy senior pictures-43daisy senior pictures-44daisy senior pictures-58daisy senior pictures-55daisy senior pictures-77daisy senior pictures-78daisy senior pictures-84daisy senior pictures-93daisy senior pictures-95daisy senior pictures-110daisy senior pictures-111


The Baker Family

This shoot is from way back in February, not long after sweet Halle was born. I have never seen a baby with hair like hers! It was magical.
Big sissy just could not get enough and even cried because she wanted to hold her sister longer. There is just nothing like sister love.

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