The Strait Family

This might be one of the most genuine, kind, and selfless families I have ever had the privilege of knowing.
I gave them hardly any direction during the whole shoot and just let them be them. The hugs, kisses, belly laughs, and sweet smiles all came naturally. It was a dream!


(In case you wonder why there are six kids but only four faces are shown it’s because they have two sweet foster boys!) 996A0716996A0770996A0772996A0788996A0798996A0817996A0820996A0831996A0862996A0866996A0870996A0872996A0875996A0920996A0937996A0984996A0989996A1007996A1009996A1019996A1047996A1059996A1127996A1156-2996A1184996A1196996A1203996A1228996A1316996A1319996A1324996A1348996A1352996A1356Strait family kids996A1469996A1490996A1564996A1510996A1524


Kerry + Amber

I am behind on a blogging big time and my goal is to catch up before family shoot season this fall so be ready for lots of images on your feeds!

To start off, here are some of my favorites from Amber and Kerry’s wedding. It was a beautiful (and hot!) summer day and it was one of the most emotional and heartwarming weddings I’ve ever been a part of. They truly epitomize the idea of “love makes a family” and it was truly an honor to witness.  996A6735996A6112996A6125996A6142996A6402996A6422996A6662996A6688996A6713996A6752996A6726996A6183996A6169996A6241996A6253996A6259996A6343996A6380996A6556996A6559996A6817996A6952996A7256996A7292996A7347996A7485996A7591996A7877996A7916996A7943996A7975996A7986996A7995996A8048P1022096996A7111996A7110996A8325996A8434996A8113996A8475996A8494996A8647996A8716996A8769996A8781996A8953996A8956996A8989996A9160996A9165996A9167

The Dewall Family

This family is a real gem. I’ve loved getting to know them the past couple of years as we have had Kort in preschool.
There were a few times during our shoot that I had to remind myself to keep taking pictures (since that’s what I was there for, after all). It was so easy to get caught up in a conversation about their horses, or the pumpkin patch, or other adventures they’ve had on their beautiful property. On top of that, Blair kept asking to hold my hand and HOW COULD I SAY NO?!
I can’t take credit for this one, Kort wanted to give the camera a try and caught this sweet moment between his parents.


She Loves Happy Home

Hey guys! I wanted to drop in and let you know about something new that’s happening in the world of She Loves Happy!
One of the main purposes of this blog besides showcasing my photography work is to give updates on our home (see examples here) and talk about different home inspiration I find. Well now, I have created a new Instagram account dedicated to home design! From inspiration, to tips, to progress on our own home, it will be all home, all the time. Go check it out @sheloveshappyhome!slhhomewidget2