Olive + Lopez

It has been a long time since I’ve written a personal post!
This summer we made another trip up to Lopez Island in the San Juan’s. However, this time we got to take Olive! Ever since we were dating James talked about how he couldn’t wait to bring our kids up here to experience what he got to as a child.
We explored new parts of the Island and some old favorites but the week mostly consisted of card games, snacks, and naps. It was perfection.
Also, this was like three months ago before my baby was crawling everywhere so she’s chubbier than she is now it makes me realize how fast time goes and nobody wants to be reminded of that! lop16-44lb16lop16-3lop16-5lop16-2lop16-6lop16-7lop16-24lb162lop16-15lop16-17lop16-16lop16-25lop16-27lop16-28lop16-31lop16-41lop16-39lop16-43lop16-46lop16-47lop16-40


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